Mediterranean Longfin Tuna 830g Campisi Conserve - 1
  • Mediterranean Longfin Tuna 830g Campisi Conserve - 1
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Mediterranean Longfin Tuna 830g

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Longfin Tuna, also known as albacore tuna, is fished entirely on a hook in very short fishing periods. It stands out for its light colour and the delicate flavour of the fillets.

Mediterranean White Tuna, also known as albacore, is an exceptional product capturing the authentic and unmistakable flavor of the sea. This prized fish is exclusively line-caught, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fishing method that ensures the highest product quality.

The fishing of White Tuna occurs during very limited periods of the year when the fish is in optimal maturation conditions. While this restricts availability, it significantly enhances the quality, making each bite an unforgettable culinary experience.

One distinguishing feature of White Tuna is its light-colored fillets. Unlike other types of tuna, albacore has a paler hue ranging from white to light pink. This characteristic not only affects the appearance of the fish but also contributes to its delicate and refined flavor compared to other tuna varieties.

The delicate flavor and tender texture of White Tuna fillets make them perfect for a wide range of dishes. Enjoy them simply as they are to fully appreciate their unique taste, or use them as a foundation for more complex recipes. They are excellent for salads, appetizers, main courses, or in delicious tartare preparations.

This product reflects our dedication to quality and flavor. With its light hue and delicate taste, our White Tuna promises to bring an elegant and refined touch to your table. Be amazed by its distinctive flavor and exceptional freshness.

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