The Campisi family business was founded in 1854 in Marzamemi (SR),

In a small village steeped in traditions related to fish processing.

Generazione Campisi

Linked to the sea for over a century, Salvatore Campisi produces and transforms a huge range of fish products, from Bluefin Tuna, Pescespada, Ricciole, to the very precious bottarga, mosciame (tuna ham) up to the refinement of the catch in pesto and pate.

The use of ancient techniques, dating back to the Arab period, refined over time in the small village of Marzamemi, the drying and seasoning of the tuna products, in a particularly suitable climatic zone, has made Salvatore Campisi worthy of being considered one of the last connoisseurs of Traditions, experience and care of the past, now in extinction worthy of protection and recognition.

Campisi says: "Our goal is to continuously research those products that have made the history of our land, we put on the market the famous Garum Excellens, a condiment based on fresh local fish and spices used by the ancient Romans in the fifth century BC It is highly sought after by connoisseurs of traditional cuisine ".

It should not be forgotten that Marzamemi is located in the municipality of Pachino: in recent years the Campisi company has also dedicated itself to the processing and transformation of vegetable products, first of all the Rosso di Pachino gold, the "Pachino tomato IGP (protected geographical identification)", known worldwide for its infinite sweetness.

One of the most successful products is Tomato Sauce in ribbed or cherry quality, Paolo Campisi assures "The processing has remained the same that traditionally the locals have handed down for generations. Genuineness, freshness of the raw material and strict controls guarantee maximum of quality ".

This aspect recalls one of the fundamental values ​​of the Campisi company, or its ethical code. Aware of the fact that it lives on the fruits of the earth and the sea, the company respects the territory by providing for the production of products with guaranteed and controlled origin, such as Pachino Tomato PGI or the use of fish caught exclusively on the hook and never mattanza, in the name of a healthy relationship between man and nature.

The attention to the identity of the territory combined with the control of all the manufacturing processes and the authenticity of the ingredients make Campisi a reality that marries the ancient flavors of the land and sea of ​​Sicily.

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