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The Pachino cherry tomato is renowned worldwide for its sublime sweetness and fragrance, as well as for having a high vitamin C, mineral salts, lycopene and beta-carotene content. The inimitable flavour of this tomato, awarded the Protected Geographical indication distinction, can only be found in the lands where it is cultivated and worked; Campisi processes tomatoes and the small Pachino tomato right on their site of origin, keeping their natural! properties unaltered and preservative-free. Dried or semi-dried, loose or packed in oil, turned into sauce or paste, with or without anchovies, Campisi works the "red gold" in all its possible variations. 

Pachino Tomatos

Pachino Tomatos

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dried cherry tomatoes in oil
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Price €5.00

The dried Campisi cherry tomatoes are dried in the sun, as required by the ancient tradition. 

semi-dried cherry tomatoes Campisi Conserve - 5
semi-dried cherry tomatoes
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All the warmth of the Sicilian sun and the unique and renowned flavour of the cherry tomato.