tuna garum 100 g Campisi Conserve - 1
  • tuna garum 100 g Campisi Conserve - 1
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tuna garum 100 g

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Garum has very ancient origins, it seems it was already used by the Greeks in the fifth century BC.

In the period of ancient Rome it was used as an "elixir" and the Romans prepared it through a process not better defined but which was based as today on the fermentation of fish offal "flavored" with spices and aromatic herbs such as thyme, wild fennel, mint and rosemary. The garum recipe was lost for a hundred years during the Middle Ages; today it has been rediscovered and revived by Campisi in a product of the highest quality ready to transform any fish-based dish into a truly unique dish. Garum Campisi is a salted fish sauce based on tuna which is processed with fragrant spices and aromatic herbs. It is an excellent seasoning for all dishes, first or second courses, based on fish; it gives them a particularly special taste. Use it in small quantities to flavor and make unique dishes.

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