almond flavoured modica p.g.i. chocolate 100 g

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The artisan confectionery laboratory "Casa don Puglisi" has started the production of chocolate with ingredients from fair trade cooperatives, as if to close a circle through the recovery of fragments of a path that from pre-Columbian Mexico has reached Modica. From the particular processing of the highest quality bitter cocoa paste (“criollo” variety) and first choice cane sugar, this mythical shiny black parallelepiped is obtained, variously flavored, smoothed by a long beating and characterized by a studied contrast to the taste between the intensity and the scent of the cocoa bean and the sugar crystal, kept intact in the typical granularity of the dough. The formation of a thin patina on the surface of the chocolate is due to its cold working process, which allows the maintenance of the flavors of each individual ingredient and determines the normal "opaque" appearance of the bar. Over the years, many variations have been added to the more traditional aromas of vanilla and cinnamon that interpret different tastes and sensitivities. Today, in fact, the laboratory produces chocolate in sixteen different flavors: classic, chilli, ginger, orange, anise, bergamot, port, coffee, carob, mandarin, beer, bronte pistachio, pomegranate, fructose and Avola almond.

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