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List of products by brand Agrirape

Black chickpeas 250g -...
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The chickpea is one of the oldest legumes and represents an excellent source of protein and is, therefore, a precious and nutritious food. Black chickpeas are a wide variety in the past in Sicily, despite the exceptional organoleptic characteristics. The seeds are medium in size and remain whole after cooking.

Black Lentils 250g - Agrirape
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The black lentil is an ancient local variety, typical of the province of Enna. once cultivated and appreciated, today it is practically extinct. Tasty and aromatic, Leonforte's black lentil is excellent in purity or as a side dish for fish-based dishes.

Borlotti beans 250g - Agrirape
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Borlotti beans have excellent nutritional values, are rich in carbohydrates and with a good protein intake. Their intense taste does not require too many aromatic additions and is ideal for flavouring minestrone or soups. Beans have reduced fat content, while the constituent elements of the peel is fibre which plays a decisive role in the regularity of intestinal functions.

Chickpeas Pasha 500g -...
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Chickpea is one of the oldest legumes. Chickpea is an excellent source of amino acids and is, therefore, a precious and very nutritious food. The 'Pascià' variety is a wide variety in Sicily that has medium-sized seeds that remain whole after cooking. It has a very characteristic taste: the flavour of the 'chickpeas of the past'. Excellent as a soup or as a side dish, as well as as a sauce for pasta.