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grated tuna botargo

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Grated Campisi tuna botargo. The translation of the Arabic term "batārikh" is literally "dried fish roe". In fact, it is obtained from the drying and subsequent salting of Tuna eggs. 

To obtain it, there is a need for a long and tiring process that starts with the extraction of the tuna eggs, their thorough cleaning and subsequent salting. After pressing and before marketing, it is matured for at least 90 days, an indispensable period of time to give the bottarga its typical golden-amber colour and the intense flavour that characterizes it. The tuna botargo has a stronger flavour than the amberjack or mullet botargo. Used above all to prepare pasta with botargo but also to flavour croutons for an aperitif with sea flavours; appetizers and main courses.

per piatti gustosi:

Comprata in estate a Marzamemi durante le nostre vacanze è stata una vera e propria scoperta, rende ogni piatto di pesce gustosissimo. Noi la usiamo anche per condire la pasta al burro.


Squisita sulla pasta con aggiunta di lamelle di bottarga e buccia di limone