black fig jam La Dispensa dei Golosi - 1
  • black fig jam La Dispensa dei Golosi - 1

black fig jam

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The Black Fig Jam touches the most sophisticated palates. With its absolute naturalness, La Dispensa dei Golosi contains the fragrance and flavour of fresh fruit in Sicily, which varies from 50% to 70%. The Black Fig Jam goes very well with baked ricotta.

This Black Figs Jam is characterised by a sweet and delicate flavour. It is a perfumed taste sensation as it contains all the smells and flavours of a whole summer. It is ideal for the preparation of tarts, delicious to stuff cakes and to be added to yoghurt, ice-cream and/or mousse. It is also recommended for the preparation of exquisite meat dishes, some kinds of cheese and on bruschetta stuffed with row ham where the sweet-bitter contrast is pleasing to the palate.

Sicilian Handmade Product – Only seasonal fresh fruit and handmade processing in full compliance with the oldest culinary traditions of Sicily without additives nor colourings.

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