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mullet botargo 100 g Campisi Conserve - 2
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  • mullet botargo 100 g Campisi Conserve - 2

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The mullet roe is made up of the ovary of the fish, whose eggs are salted and dried with traditional procedures. The word bottarga derives from the Arabic batārikh (خراطب) ("salted fish eggs"). The origin of the product seems to have been Phoenician dating back to around 3000 years ago.

Campisi mullet bottarga is prepared respecting its traditional preparation for cleaning, salting, pressing and drying, using modern technologies that do not alter its strong flavor and amber color.

Mullet roe is very rich in Omega3, an important supplement for health and beauty. Due to its high protein value, it was traditionally the meal of fishermen who spent the day at sea. It has become popular with gourmet chefs and gourmets.