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Standard and small tomatoes are used in special processes for the preparation of ready-made, essentially fish-based sauces. In view of its strong bonds with the island's traditions, Campisi could not fail to provide the classic flavours of the Souces with Sardines, Tuna, Grouper, Amberjack, "Alla Pescatora" (fisherman style), with Squid lnk, ready-mode especially for you. Preparing a plate of spaghetti with all the taste and aromas of Sicily will be really easy. 

Ready-Made Sauces

Ready-Made Sauces

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ready-made pachino tomato...
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Price €1.80

The P.G.I. Pachino tomato sauce, produced with respect for freshness and authenticity. 

igp pachino tomato Passata Campisi Conserve - 1
igp pachino tomato Passata
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Price €1.99 Regular price €2.30

Pachino Tomato Passata P.G.I. made with the best quality tomatoes, is excellent for a good plate of pasta or to use for ragu sauce.