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Pachino has always been an important area for the production of wine, once it was also used to increase the degree of robustness of French wines. In addition to the Pachino wines of the Ramaddini and Rudinì wineries, Campisi embraces the whole of Sicily, offering Nero D'Avola, Sira, Catarratto and Inzolia.



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  • Brand: Curto
Nero D'Avola Fontanelle...
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The "Nero d'Avola Eloro Fontanelle" wine is certainly one of the most important wines produced by the Curto company. The Curto company is located in one of the most beautiful wine areas in the province of Ragusa and in the Sicily region in general.

nero d' avola eloro d.o.c....
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Nero D'Avola Eloro DOC 75 cl:

Eloro doc and Nero D'Avola in the purity of a more or less intense ruby ​​red colour, it has very articulated aromas of red-berried fruits, hints of musk, plum and dark chocolate. At the end, you can taste notes of ripe carob, a typical fruit of the area.