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All the Sicilian sweets, from "Tossani" almond paste, pistachio spread "I Dolci Sapori Dell’Etna" and pistachio chocolate "Don Puglisi" and "Bonajuto". Among the delicacies, there is also “Libera Terra” Organic Red Orange Marmalade and “La Dispensa Dei Golosi” jams and marmalades. Among the most particular are the Black Mulberry and Prickly Pear Jam.



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  • Brand: Tossani srl
white almond paste 200 g
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Price €3.00

The Sicilian product par excellence, almond paste is excellent for the preparation of almond milk, granita and sorbets.

Peeled Avola almonds 250 g
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Price €6.90

Sicilian Almonds from Avola, the most flavourful almonds! Prunus Amygdalus batsch tree fruit Seed: elongated seeds Taste: Sweet Color: Brown, typical of the variety Origin: Sicilian Almonds (Italy) May contain Bitter Almonds max 2%

shelled avola almonds 250 g
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Price €6.30

Sicilian Avola Almonds, crunchy, tasty and full of nutrients. excellent to put on your morning yoghurt.